Punjar The Tarnished Jewel

This is an urban campaign set in the sprawling alleyways of Punjar. Punjar is a city of contrasts. Horrible squalor and amazing splendor all exist within the walls of this fetid city. Slavers, nobles, thieves, assassins and warlords all fight for power and influence. Great danger lurks in and under the streets with only the Dragonne there to enforce the law. Will your characters rise to fame or wind up dead in the gutter? Keep your gold close and your weapons closer. Welcome to Punjar.

Character Creation Rules:
  1. All characters are starting at level 1.
  2. Please stick to races from the core rulebooks.
  3. No playtest classes. This is my first time as a pbp DM and I do not have a DDI subscription to stay up to date on these. Please make things easy on me.
  4. Only one primal class allowed in the party and only with a well put-together backstory. Likewise, artificers and swordmages will require some good backstory as these will be rare classes.
  5. Allowed books are Player’s Handbook 1 and 2, Martial, Arcane, and Divine Power, Adventurer’s Vault, Adventurer’s Vault 2 and most anything from Dragon magazine. I may need to review these, however, as I do not have DDI.
  6. 22 point buy for attributes
  7. 100 starting gold
  8. You are welcome to one general background from the Player’s Handbook 2
Posting Guidelines:
  1. Please clearly state all actions taken during combat. Move, Minor, Standard, Free, etc. Placing them on separate lines is recommended to avoid jumble, but whatever format works for you I’ll try and adapt.
  2. Use third person for in character postings.
  3. Try and post at least once a day on weekdays.
  4. Be prepared to have your character played for you in order to speed up play. If you’d like to send me a list of contingencies, that would be great.
  5. Please bold status effects and power results (use [b]text here[/b]) so they won’t be missed by me or the other players.
  6. Please use Invisible Castle for all dice rolls. It is also acceptable to use the new built-in die roller on the Paizo boards. [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
  7. Try your best to keep surges and hit points up to date. I have set up a Party Hit Points page that any of you can edit when you heal. I will also update it after anyone takes a hit. This makes the leader’s job much easier when determining who to use healing spells on.

Sellswords of Punjar

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