Sellswords of Punjar

Irocar the War Captain

After a quick inspection of Arthuro’s room, the party pressed on. Kenneth accidentally stumbled into an alarm trap, as a set of nightingale stairs alerted a group of Dog Brothers to his presence. A gruesome struggle ensued, and the Dog Brothers, fierce and loyal to each other, brought a hard fight to the party. The battle was only made more lethal by the appearance of [[:Irocar The War Captain]], who rained arrows down upon the party from his lofty perch before attacking head on with heavy shield and bastard sword. Seeking Kenneth out for a prior insult, Irocar killed him with one brutal swing of his bastard sword. Spurred on by the death of their comrade, the party finally managed to surround the War Captain and bring him down.

Arthuro's Bazaar

The party entered the cluttered bazaar and were immediately berated by a pair of ruffians who insisted they identify themselves. Kenneth, Dannad, and Dagobert did a good job of stalling the ruffians and tricked them into bringing their boss, Arthuros “The Fence”, into coming out. Arthuro was not so easily fooled, however, and ordered the party to be removed. The party, of course, refused to oblige him.

As the thugs advanced, the party whirled into action, hurling magical insults, sword strikes, and divine invocations at their overwhelmed enemies. Seeing that things were not going well, Arthuro ran to far, south end of the room and threw back the stained curtain. A horrid stench filled the room and a swarm of otyugh grubs quickly filled the room. Arthuro took grievous wounds from the monsters until he got them back under his control, at which point they swarmed the party.

After an amazing display by Dagobert and an ill-fated wrestling match with the mother-otyugh on Vandis’ part, the battle was won and the fence was rendered unconcious.

Searching the bazaar yielded a few interesting trinkets but the party quickly grew bored with looting and explored the rest of the room. They discovered Arthuro’s workbench complete with ledgers and scales and the rogue’s bedroom as well. Neither room contained much in the way of treasure and belongings.

Ascending the northern stairs, Kenneth set off a trap that put the next group of enemies on alert and another vicious battle commenced.

Battle In The Alley And Fountain Discovery

Upon reaching the [[Beggar-King | Beggar-King’s]] demesne, they came upon a horrible iron gate with a demon’s visage. Dannad managed to pick the gate’s lock while avoiding the horrible traps it help and the party passed on into the alley which held a creeping miasma that stained skin and clothes alike.

Once they reached halfway through the alley they were greeted by a group of sentries hiding on a ledge to the side. The sentries attacked with spears and shortswords but the party managed to scale the wall and route them quite easily. It was during this battle that another deva calling himself Galad appeared. He proved himself a useful alley and decided to join the party for unknown reasons. Samael, however, having taken great damage and not seeing the wisdom in traveling further into the complex, left the party to renegotiate his contract with Dúlin.

At the end of the alley the party found the source of the miasma, an unsettling fountain overflowing with rust colored liquid and holding a statue of Orcus upon its base. The party chose to ignore the fountain and left it alone.

Battle With Old Thom

After the party’s discussion with Dúlin, they immediately made their way to Dim Lane to find Old Thom. Along the way they questioned several beggars and other Smoke inhabitants about Old Thom and the Beggar-King. They learned a few more rumors about the Beggar-King and also learned that Old Thom normally operates out of Daggermouth Alley. Through an old acquaintance, Dagobert learned of a hidden entrance into the alley and the party got the drop on Old Thom.

The party failed to catch the aged rogue completely off guard, however, and Thom nearly managed to escape over the rooftops. He almost killed Dannad in the process with help from a halfling accomplice of his own and a group of teenage thugs. The party rallied, however, and Old Thom was quickly captured while his comrades ran.

The party has now begun its questioning.

Offers On The Table

You have met with the eladrin known only as Dúlin who has offered you 500gp for information regarding the Beggar-King’s sellsword army and another 500gp for the elimination of the Beggar-King himself. The continued failure of other such missions was the explanation given for the exorbitant amount of money, as the Thieves Guild wants to see this job done once and for all.

Dúlin has suggested that you start with Old Thom over on Dim Lane to find the safest route to the Beggar-King’s demesne. He warned you that the old thief may put up a fight.


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