Sellswords of Punjar

Battle In The Alley And Fountain Discovery

Upon reaching the [[Beggar-King | Beggar-King’s]] demesne, they came upon a horrible iron gate with a demon’s visage. Dannad managed to pick the gate’s lock while avoiding the horrible traps it help and the party passed on into the alley which held a creeping miasma that stained skin and clothes alike.

Once they reached halfway through the alley they were greeted by a group of sentries hiding on a ledge to the side. The sentries attacked with spears and shortswords but the party managed to scale the wall and route them quite easily. It was during this battle that another deva calling himself Galad appeared. He proved himself a useful alley and decided to join the party for unknown reasons. Samael, however, having taken great damage and not seeing the wisdom in traveling further into the complex, left the party to renegotiate his contract with DĂșlin.

At the end of the alley the party found the source of the miasma, an unsettling fountain overflowing with rust colored liquid and holding a statue of Orcus upon its base. The party chose to ignore the fountain and left it alone.



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