Sellswords of Punjar

Battle With Old Thom

After the party’s discussion with DĂșlin, they immediately made their way to Dim Lane to find Old Thom. Along the way they questioned several beggars and other Smoke inhabitants about Old Thom and the Beggar-King. They learned a few more rumors about the Beggar-King and also learned that Old Thom normally operates out of Daggermouth Alley. Through an old acquaintance, Dagobert learned of a hidden entrance into the alley and the party got the drop on Old Thom.

The party failed to catch the aged rogue completely off guard, however, and Thom nearly managed to escape over the rooftops. He almost killed Dannad in the process with help from a halfling accomplice of his own and a group of teenage thugs. The party rallied, however, and Old Thom was quickly captured while his comrades ran.

The party has now begun its questioning.



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