Sellswords of Punjar

Arthuro's Bazaar

The party entered the cluttered bazaar and were immediately berated by a pair of ruffians who insisted they identify themselves. Kenneth, Dannad, and Dagobert did a good job of stalling the ruffians and tricked them into bringing their boss, Arthuros “The Fence”, into coming out. Arthuro was not so easily fooled, however, and ordered the party to be removed. The party, of course, refused to oblige him.

As the thugs advanced, the party whirled into action, hurling magical insults, sword strikes, and divine invocations at their overwhelmed enemies. Seeing that things were not going well, Arthuro ran to far, south end of the room and threw back the stained curtain. A horrid stench filled the room and a swarm of otyugh grubs quickly filled the room. Arthuro took grievous wounds from the monsters until he got them back under his control, at which point they swarmed the party.

After an amazing display by Dagobert and an ill-fated wrestling match with the mother-otyugh on Vandis’ part, the battle was won and the fence was rendered unconcious.

Searching the bazaar yielded a few interesting trinkets but the party quickly grew bored with looting and explored the rest of the room. They discovered Arthuro’s workbench complete with ledgers and scales and the rogue’s bedroom as well. Neither room contained much in the way of treasure and belongings.

Ascending the northern stairs, Kenneth set off a trap that put the next group of enemies on alert and another vicious battle commenced.



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