A very average-looking man -- brown hair, brown eyes, medium height, medium build -- but with a magnetism.



Unaligned Human Prescient Bard/Cutthroat 1

Init: +1 Speed: 5
AC: 16 F: 12 R: 13 W: 16
P.Insight: 17 P.Perception: 13
HP: 25/25 Bloodied: 12 Surges: 8/8@6 AP: 1 Second Wind? No

Melee Basic: Shortsword, +2, 1d6-1, or Dagger, +2, 1d4-1
Ranged Basic: Hand Crossbow, +3, 1d6+1, or Dagger, +4, 1d4+1

STR: 8 (-1) CON: 13 (+1) DEX: 12 (+1) INT: 13 (+1) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 18 (+4)


  • Bardic Knowledge (integrated)
  • Ritual Caster
  • Cutthroat (use Bluff as minor action to set up Hide)

Class abilities:

  • Background: Profession/Entertainer
  • Virtue of Prescience (when an enemy hits an ally within 5, add 2 to that ally’s defense TEOAttacker’sNT)
  • Multiclass Versatility
  • Skill Versatility
  • Bardic Training (one bard ritual/day w/o components)
  • Song of Rest (+4 to my and allies surges after short rest)


+1 Acrobatics
+8 Arcana (t)
-1 Athletics
+11 Bluff (t)
+9 Diplomacy (t)
+5 Dungeoneering
+1 Endurance
+3 Heal
+8 History (t)
+7 Insight (t)
+5 Intimidate
+5 Nature
+3 Perception
+4 Religion
+5 Stealth (t)
+11 Streetwise (t)
+1 Thievery

Languages: Common, Goblin

Equipment: Chainmail, Dagger, Hand Crossbow+20, Adventurer’s Kit, Shortsword, Flute, +1 Wand (51#)

GP: 3



Cutting Words (Arcane, Implement, Psychic)
Standard – Ranged 10, one creature
+5 vs Will, 1d8+5, pull two squares

Guiding Strike (Arcane, Weapon)
Standard – Melee weapon, one creature
+7 vs AC, 1d6+4, give -2 to one defense TEOMNT

Vicious Mockery (Arcane, Charm, Implement, Psychic)
Standard – Ranged 10, one creature
+5 vs Will, 1d6+5, give -2 to attacks TEOMNT


Second Wind
Standard – Personal
+6 hp, +2 defenses TBOMNT

Majestic Word (Arcane, Healing) x2
Minor – Close burst 5, self or ally
Healing surge +4, slide 1 square

Words of Friendship (Arcane, Charm)
Minor – Personal
+5 to next Diplomacy TEONMT

Prophesied Strike (Arcane, Weapon)
Standard – Ranged weapon, one creature
+6 vs AC, 1d6+4, next attack vs target, roll twice

Virtue of Prescience
Immediate Interrupt
When an enemy hits an ally within 5, add 2 to that ally’s targeted defense to the end of that attacker’s turn


Arrow of Warning (Arcane, Weapon)
Immediate Interrupt – Ranged weapon, triggering enemy
Trigger: enemy attacks ally
+6 vs Ref, 3d6+4, ally make at-will attack at +2 as free action
Miss: Half


Glib Limerick (Deception, Arcana)
Lvl: 1 Component: 10gp+focus Time: 1 minute Duration: 10 mins or until initiative
Roll bluff checks twice

Comprehend Language (Exploration, Arcana)
Lvl: 1 Component: 10gp Time: 10 mins Duration: 24 hrs


Kenneth is, first and foremost, a teller of tales. Of himself, of his numerous (and possibly imaginary) relatives, of his and their ever more improbabl exploits in the city of Punjar and surrounds. He spends most of his days and nights in the Squalor Court in the Commons. During the mornings, he’s usually asleep in a nearby alley; during the afternoons he busks with his flute but makes most of his income reading fortunes. At night, he stays in the Squalor Court—few bother him, as his tales are entertaining and he has a reputation for being able to defend himself, usually making a fool of any antagonist in the process.

He dresses in colorful, patchwork rags, the better to beg, but those who have tried know there’s a suit of fine chainmail and a smallc crossbow under the outermost layer of rags. This is especially useful when he visits Smoke on occasion, for reasons he never discusses.


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