Eladrin pursuing avenger (of Justicia?)



Good Eladrin Pursuing Avenger 2

Init: +4 Speed: 6
AC: 17 F: 14 R: 15 W: 16
P.Insight: 14 P.Perception: 19
HP: 39/39 Bloodied: 19 Surges: 9/9@9 AP: 1 Second Wind? No

Melee Basic: +1 Falchion, +5, 2d4+1, or Dagger, +4, 1d4
Ranged Basic: Dagger, +7, 1d4+3

STR: 10 (+1) CON: 14 (+3) DEX: 16 (+4) INT: 13 (+2) WIS: 16 (+4) CHA: 10 (+1)


  • Feyborn Pursuer (teleport extra 5 squares with fey step if you end adjacent to OoE target)
  • Toughness (incorporated)

Race Abilities:

  • Trance (meditate 4 hours for extended rest)
  • Eladrin Weapon Proficiency (longsword)
  • Eladrin Education (integrated)
  • Eladrin Will (+5 to saves vs. charm; rest integrated)
  • Fey Step (powers)
  • Fey Origin
  • Arcana Bonus (integrated)
  • History Bonus (integrated)

Class abilities:

  • Background: Birth/Cursed (integrated)
  • Armor of Faith (integrated)
  • Avenger’s Censure/Censure of Pursuit (deal 5 extra damage if OoE target moves away)
  • Channel Divinity (powers)
  • Oath of Enmity (powers)


+9 Acrobatics (t)
+4 Arcana
+6 Athletics (t)
+1 Bluff
+1 Diplomacy
+4 Dungeoneering
+3 Endurance
+4 Heal
+4 History
+4 Insight
+1 Intimidate
+4 Nature
+9 Perception (t)
+9 Religion (t)
+9 Stealth (t)
+1 Streetwise
+4 Thievery

Languages: Common, Elven

Equipment: +1 Falchion, Adventurer’s Kit, Dagger x3, Potion of Healing (43#)

GP: 5-



Bond of Pursuit (Divine, Weapon)
Standard – Melee weapon, one creature
+8 vs AC, 2d4+4, if target ends turn away, shift 4 squares as free and end closer to target.

Focused Fury (Divine, Weapon)
Standard – Melee or ranged weapon, one creature
+8 vs AC, 2d4+4, if OoE on target, push different adjacent enemy 2 squares


Second Wind
Standard – Personal
+9 hp, +2 defenses TBOMNT

Fey Step (Teleportation)
Move – Personal
Teleport up to 5 squares (see Feats)

Oath of Enmity (Divine)
Minor – Close burst 10, one enemy you can see When melee against target and target is only adjacent enemy, use better of two attack rolls. Lasts to end of encounter or dead enemy, on which power recharges.

Angelic Alacrity (Divine, Weapon)
Standard – Melee weapon, one creature +8 vs AC, 4d4+4
Effect: Shift 4 squares before the attack

Avenger’s Resolve (Divine)
Immediate Interrupt – Personal Trigger: An enemy other than OoE target hits me. Effect: Resist 5 all TEOMNT

Channel Divinity (one per encounter)

Abjure Undead (Divine, Implement, Radiant)
Standard – Close burst 5, one undead creature
+4 vs Will, 3d10+3, pull 4 squares, target immobilized TEOMNT
Miss: Half, pull 1 square

Divine Guidance (Divine)
Immediate interrupt – Close burst 10, triggering ally
Trigger: Ally within 10 attacks OoE target
Effect: Ally uses better of two attack rolls


Oath of the Final Duel (Divine, Teleportation, Weapon)
Standard – Melee weapon, one creature
+8 vs AC, 4d4+4
Miss: Half
Effect: To end of encounter, if target is more than 3 squares away at beginning of my turn, teleport to within 3 squares as minor. Effect ends if I end turn more than 3 squares away.



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