Galad The Redeemed

Shaman, seeking to right his past life's wrongs.


HP: 31 (Bloodied at 13) Healing Surges: 9(4), 7HP AC: 16 Fort: 14 Reflex: 14 Will: 16

Strength 12 Dexterity 11 Constitution 14 Intelligence 16 Wisdom 18 Charisma 8

Skills: Nature +10 Arcana +6 Religion +11 Heal +10 Insight +10 Perception +10 History +6

Feats: Initiate of the Faith Shared Healing Spirit(When using Healing Spirit, can give extra healing to ally within 2 squares of target instead of ally next to spirit)

At-Will: Spirit’s Fangs Defending Strike Stalker’s Strike

Encounter: Twin Panthers Memory of A Thousand Lifetimes Healing Spirit Speak With Spirits Spirit of Life

Daily: Spirit of The Healing Flood Healing Word

Equipment: 100gp Leather Armor, -25gp Mace, -5gp Standard Adventurer’s Gear, -15gp Holy Symbol, -10gp 39gp


Appearance: Nearly 6’5”, Galad strikes an imposing figure. His skin is primarily a dark purple, with a small white mark in thee middle of his forehead. His expression is nearly always serene, although occasionally there seems to be a quick flash of something.

Background: Like most deva, Galad doesn’t remember much of his past life. In fact, the only thing that comes to mind easily was that his previous incarnation was not a good person; in fact, it’s surprising that he didn’t reincarnate as a rakshasha. Galad began researching ways to better see the memories of his previous incarnations in the hopes of discovering what his previous incarnation had planned before his (un)timely demise. Yes, he is now a bit too connected to his previous incarnation than is comfortable, but one place has come up again and again: Punjar. Punjar nearly led to his soul’s damnation, and it shall be the site of his redemption.

Galad The Redeemed

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